Tiny Sumo Wrestling Robots Enhancing Economic Future of Manufacturing

Tiny Sumo Wrestling Robots Enhancing Economic Future of Manufacturing

The Sumo Robot League’s educational focus is laying the foundation for eager students who may eventually go into manufacturing and ultimately improve the workforce.

Watch our short video here to learn more about the company!


Kids can fight summer brain drain with fighting sumo robots

Here is a great news segment highlighting the Sumo Robot Camp hosted at theClubhou.se.  Three weeks of camp teaches kids how to make their own 3D Printer, build their own robot, learn to code C++, and then apply a bluetooth module to make their robot remote control with their own mobile app.

USA Science and Engineering Festival

At the USA Science and Engineering Festival last week, we were interviewed by Javon for the Kids Doing STEM You Tube Channel. They are three siblings that love all things Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. It's dedicated to showing kid friendly STEM projects and experiments any kid can do at home, as well as interviewing professionals in a variety of STEM related fields.



National Robotics Week

Sumo Robot League was invited to participate in National Robotics Week at Georgia Tech.  It was a fun day sharing with middle and high school students all things sumo.  Sponsored by Georgia Tech’s Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines (IRIM), over 100 students from about the state had a chance to try out the robots via blue tooth and remote control, or in the sumo wrestling ring.