We all recognize that preparing our students for the demands of this 21st century world requires us to engage students in learning that is collaborative, problem-based, and integrates technology. However, that’s much easier said than done. Sumo Robot League has made it easier for us to adapt and adopt by providing training, curriculum, materials, and support.
— Ned Murray, Headmaster - Episcopal Day School
We are a small school, roughly 330 students... Our robotics team as of now consists of about 8 people, a number that we hope to increase in time, so these large, expensive programs simply are not compatible with our school as of yet. That’s why we use Sumo Robot League.
— Sam, Student, Atlanta


Sumo Robot League believes in a future where every person has the skills to build a robot of their own. We have focused thousands of hours on developing an affordable robotics kit, programming class, and S.T.E.M. Teacher Training camp at a fraction of the cost of other robotics programs. This allows every student the opportunity to learn to code and build a robot of their own.


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