Welcome Back All Robot Enthusiasts!

Fall Sumo Robot Season is Upon Us!

Whether just beginning your back to school season or have already been back a few weeks, I hope you are as excited as we are to start taking action on all the great new ideas from summer break. Sumo Robot League grew quite a bit last year to include nearly 1,000 teachers, students, and robot enthusiasts on three continents. Thank you to all of our early adopters for making this possible.

We have reinvested ourselves in the continued refinement of our hardware design and lesson planning. Here are some of the new things you will see this fall:



  1. Redesigned circuit board for solderless assembly, 2nd generation sensors, and improved battery life.

  2. Injection molded mechanical components.

  3. Additional activities from our community of educators.

  4. Expanded 3D print library for customization.

  5. Regularly scheduled in person and virtual teacher training and support


Order your kits now, or message us to schedule a call so we can help figure out how to bring Sumo Robot League to your area.



Eric R. Parker

CEO, Sumo Robot League